Good Performance for Carlos Ribas ‘Kaka’ at 55ª CHI GENEVE 5*


IMG_1683At The first day (10th) of the 55ª CHI GENEVE show, the victory was for Carlos Ribas ‘Kaka’with Brilexo
Against the clock Kaka was fastest with the time of 56.39 s. Second place was for Emanuele Gaudiano with the time of 56.95s and third place for Jerome Hurel, 57.03s.

check news at Brasilian site – http://www.tlhd.com.br/noticias/mundo-equestre/brasileiro-carlos-ribas-faz-tocar-o-hino-brasileiro-na-suaiaca

At the second day(11th) Kaka rode Wilexo at the 1,45 class against the clock and end up at Second position with the time of 52.45s. The winner was Niklaus Rutschi 51.80s. The third place was for Penelope Leprevost with the time of 53.35s
At the third day (12th) Kaka rode Brilexo at ‘preuve d equipe’ together with his Pony Partner- Alan ALLACHE – junior swiss champion , both ending up in 5th position – check result :http://d37q5mth2fklkz.cloudfront.net/competition/files/15/12/13/result-s11-printversie_122059.pdf

At the fourth day (13th) and last day of the show, Kaka got 3rd position with Wilexo at the time of 62.10s. Second place for Romain Duguet with the time of 61.65s and the winner was Frederique Fabre Delbos with the time of 60.62

check the videos at:

First place – Brilexo – https://youtu.be/-4a8f_BE2kI

5th place – Brilexo – https://youtu.be/-ojuFcwJsxw

Second Place – Wilexo – https://youtu.be/p7DmrA0OTPk

Third Place – wilexo – https://youtu.be/Iv3vbI3UqIQ

check results at – http://www.chi-geneve.ch/results/

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